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 Wedding Proposal on the Ice

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Triple Loop
Triple Loop

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PostSubject: Wedding Proposal on the Ice   Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:42 pm

ooooooooo sunny sunny Embarassed Embarassed Love Hearts Love Hearts

I don't know if you had heard of this before, but I just found out from an interview of Shen and Zhao that Zhao planned on proposing to Shen ON the ice after their performance of FS in 2007 Worlds. Wub Rockstar

If you look closely at their performance (5:10 or something):


you will notice that Zhao knelt down before Shao after finishing their skate. According to the interview, he was planning to proposal to her right on the spot.Daisies for you It seemed that he had this plan in his mind for some time. Ironically, he was only able to get the words, "I love you" (he said it in english) out of his mouth before Shen, unaware of his "hidden agenda" and slightly shocked by his actions, misunderstood his intention and proceeded to kneel down WITH him - well, they are pair skaters after all... Laugh Snow

Results: 1st try at proposing = unsuccessful lol! ROTFLMAO

How romantic is THHAAAAAATT!!!! Well, Shao later remarked that Zhao had better prepare a ring before he proposes again. No ring, no wedding. Sweatdrop

Anyway, just sharing a fun fact with people who didn't know. We don't get this kind of fluff with single skaters... Imagine your BF comes on ice and proposes to you after you had the skate of your life! Cheering
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Triple Flip
Triple Flip

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PostSubject: Re: Wedding Proposal on the Ice   Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:57 am

God, that is just too sweet! Too sweet!

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Triple Axel
Triple Axel

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PostSubject: Re: Wedding Proposal on the Ice   Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:17 pm


I always thought the kneeling down at the end of their program was a little strange, especially because Zhao knelt first...but I figured that it was just because they were tired or overcome with a emotion from possibly their best skate ever.

Thank you so much for this info, though~!!!

I would have never thought he was about to propose!!!

They ended up getting married really soon after this, though, right? I think it was only a few months...
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PostSubject: Re: Wedding Proposal on the Ice   

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Wedding Proposal on the Ice
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