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 Mai Asada, photojournalist!

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Dedicated Mao Fan
Dedicated Mao Fan

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PostSubject: Mai Asada, photojournalist!   Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:08 pm

Mai wrote a new message on the official website:


She's now writing a column for the Chubu edition of the Yomiuri newspaper called "Mai Asada's sport friends"! Confetti

Here's her first article:

She interviewed Maya and Saya Kimura [what cute names! Very Happy], who are synchronized swimmers (they are twins) aiming to compete at the 2012 Olympics, and they also attend Chuukyou University. I'm too tired to translate the whole thing now, but at the end, Mai asks, "In the future, what else do you want to do?" And Saya replied, "Let's do a show together! I already talked to Mao too; when we retire, let's do a collaboration with the four of us!" Mai says, "An ice and water show. Sounds good! I want to do it!" Many Hearts

Sounds good to me too! Too sweet!

Good luck to Mai with her column! Cheering
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Triple Flip
Triple Flip

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PostSubject: Re: Mai Asada, photojournalist!   Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:10 am

Thanks for the info, Batsuchan!

I hope Mai enjoys a great career as a sport journalist. flower

And synchronized swimming + figure skating show sounds great, though kind of scary! I guess the ice skaters would need ice to skate on, so it would have to be rather cold in the arena (otherwise the ice would melt! Laughing). I wouldn't want to swim in such conditions! Snow
(...Unless the swimmers could wear special suits protecting from cold, like some divers do Laughing).


Good luck, Mao!
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Mai Asada, photojournalist!
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