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 A little request

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Triple Loop
Triple Loop

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PostSubject: A little request   Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:31 pm

roma wrote:
Somebody posted this question on Twitter:

Quote :
My question for you guys: Is it even possible for Yu-na Kim to NOT win the Olympics next year?? She seems so far ahead of everybody else.

Well, anything can happen. Just look at what happened to MK in two Olympics.

I wanted to add that anything can happen esp. if Mao gets back on track... (and i'm sure she will) Cheering i didn't want to name names but I guess everyone knows Mao is capable of doing just that. Good luck!

Now, why is it that a lot of people automatically assume Yuna will get the gold because she did really well last season while Mao had difficulties? It's not as if the new season has started already. We haven't seen their new programs yet esp how well they perform. IMHO, there shouldn't be assumptions like that unless they've seen how these skaters are performing this new season.
Here I can't help but imagine how some astrophysicist comes to an internet forum with all the greatest Earth's astrophysicists in it and says: "Look, guys, I was just watching TV with my niece and there was this cartoon, you know, about a lion with regal pretensions who struggles against the tyranic dictatorship set over his homeland by his uncle. And there was this, well, you know, pig who at one point states that stars are in fact fireflies stuck to sky... And, you know, I say: "Stars are fireflies? What a load of stupidity! No way! NOOOOO DAMN WAY!!" What do you think, guys!!!??" study Smile

Someone's posted a question on Twitter. Someone's said something else elsewhere. That's great, there are a lot of people who like to talk over different matters from time to time, but may I ask, who was that someone? Dick Button? Mathman from the GoldenSkate forum? Maybe another reasonable person who possesses broad knowledge on the matter and whose logic it might be interesting to track down? Why it may be so important to deny or approve or even pay any attention to what someone has said? Was it an interesting, original or maybe deep and well grounded opinion?

I want to ask everyone who can't 'resist' what the majority of people thinks, and therefore who's so in doubts these days ("cuz everyone says yuna is dabest"): if you bring in or refer to someone's opinion, please consider beforehand if this opinion worth bringing in or referring to.
And in case those are just your own doubts, feel free to express them as they are, without hiding behind someone else's thoughts.
Thank you for understanding. Smile
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A little request
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