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 Mao and Mai!

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PostSubject: Mao and Mai!   Fri Jul 10, 2009 10:55 pm

Ok, I guess I could have posted this under the recent news thread, BUT, it does talk a lot about past stuff and not too much about future stuff, AND i think I will add to this eventually later (like translate some of their adorable vids), so without further ado...

The latest in the Mao Rashiku columns in the Asahi newspaper.

Again, I can't find an actual link, so I am using Mimi-san's transcription. Very Happy


Mao Rashiku
July 9, 2009 (Thursday)

Relaxing with help from her family

For athletes, support from one's family becomes a big source of power. Figure skater Mao Asada (18 ) is mentally/emotionally strong because her older sister Mai (20), also a skater, is there for her. ([Written by] Takeshi Sakagami)

[Click on the link to see the picture!]
The Asada sisters form a heart shape together. About Mao, older sister Mai says, "It's skating all day long for her, so I want her to relax sometimes." Mai is told by Mao, "Mai, please try to practice more," [and replies], "Yes."

Last season, Mao Asada was encouraged by a small "lie" from her older sister.

She always calls her 2-years-older sister, Mai, right after the competition. Whether she's in the country or overseas, soon after the free program is over. When Mao asks, "How was my performance?", Mai usually says "It was good." With just those words, Mao says she is released from her competition stress.

However, the World Championships in March this year was slightly different. Fourth. As a senior, it was the first time she missed the podium. This time, it was difficult to pick up the phone to call.

She finally called. The voice on the phone that asked "How was it?"--Mai recalls that it was "like two tones lower." Mai said, "I haven't watched it yet, so I'll watch it later. Congrats on being done. When you come home, let's go for karaoke and shopping, ok?" The truth was that she should have known [what happened in] her performance and the results… [Mao was] saved my Mai's concern for her.

Her older sister was her rival. When they first encountered figure skating, Mao was 5 years old, and Mai was 7 years old. The slightly shy younger sister, and the assertive-in-anything older sister. The difficult jumps - Mai did them first.

As an elementary school fourth-grader, Mai was invited to the National training camp [actual translation is longer, but you guys know what I mean] in Nagano's Nobeyama. As a second-grader, Mao could not participate but was able to go along and watch. "I didn't want to lose to Mai. For the time being, if Mai jumped [a certain jump], I'd want to do it too; if Mai failed, then I'd want to succeed - it was that kind of feeling." The next year, Mao was also invited to the training camp.

The younger sister who tried to overcome her older sister made her talent blossom in the blink of an eye, and she won the 2004-05 World Junior Championships. She became able to compete at the world's top level, and at the 2008 World Championships, she ascended to the position of queen.

On the other hand, at that time, her sister had injuries and endured painful times. "I stopped understanding the reason why I was skating." There were many times when she thought about quitting.

The first time she lost to Mao, at the March 2004 Central Japan Championships (Mao was 1st, Mai was 2nd), Mai recalls, "It was painful, and I returned to the hotel by myself. But, [someone (her mom?)] got mad at me and brought me back…" However, now she is able to smile and say, "Mao's face at that time looked really happy."

"I know that Mao works harder than anyone. I'm proud of her. She declares, 'I want to do it perfectly,' and aiming for that, she's trying hard. But she's not a machine, so she can't be perfect all the time. If she can do a performance just like in practice, one that she can be satisfied with, then me, our family, everyone will be happy. I'm the person she can discuss with about things she can't say to Mom or Dad. ([Our] beloved dogs) Aero, Tiara and Komachi help her relax."

On July 25-26, for the first time in a long time, the two sisters will perform together in the ice show "THE ICE" in their home of Aichi. After that, the new season starts for real. At the Japan National Championships, where Mai finished 15th last season, she says her goal is "along with Mao, I want to do a good performance." "I promised that I would do it [skating] together with Mao until Vancouver. Because Mao also wants me to continue skating."

Mao, who seems more like a little sister when she's with Mai, becomes cheerful even now when she talks about the first competition where she beat her older sister. "I've never called her Oneechan [literally, "older sister"; typical way of addressing one's older sister]. She's like a friend. When I realized it, I called out 'Mai!' In the past, Mai was better, and I was always losing and crying," she said, laughing.

"Both in the rink and outside of it, I'm supported by her, and I can relax the most [with her]," she says, and enveloped in the kindness of the family to whom she is grateful, she faces the ice.

[Profile details at the bottom omitted.]

Aww, I just LOVE Mai and Mao! And I love that pictures!! Every time I read about them it just warms my heart! Many Hearts

I can't WAIT to see them in THE ICE!
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Dedicated Mao Fan

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PostSubject: Re: Mao and Mai!   Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:02 am

thanks for the info, Batsuchan! sunny

reading about mao and mai (esp when they were younger) is really wonderful. mai must be a really great sister to mao: supporting her passion, cheering for her, comforting her when she's down, just being there for her no matter what. they have such good relationship and we can very well see that they've been raised exceptionally. i really like both of them. flower
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PostSubject: Re: Mao and Mai!   Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:55 am

Thank you so much!Batsuchan Smile
Yes,there is no doubt that Mai is a great sister. I think the suppost cheering and encouragement from Mai really help Mao to reach the top! I love you
I can feel lots of love between them. Can't imagine if they plot harm against each other. Both of them can't make theie today's achievements
So I cheer for Mao that she has such a great sister! flower
And yes,i also feel warm when i read it Smile
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Dedicated Mao Fan
Dedicated Mao Fan

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PostSubject: Re: Mao and Mai!   Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:33 pm

Here's an oldie but goodie that someone just reposted on youtube. flower

These are two interviews from right after 2008 Worlds.

0:07 Mao & Mai Asada exclusive interview!

Honda [narration/on-screen title]: First, let's talk about the letter Mai sent to Mao during Worlds...

Mai: Letters - when we were little, when Mao went abroad or when I went abroad, we would give them like amulets/lucky charms.

Mao: This time, for the first time in a long time, Mai wrote a letter to me.

Honda: What kind of things did you write?

Mai: Ehhhh, that's a little embarrassing. Uhhh, 'Do your best in a Mao-like way.' And then --

Mao: It was quite a good composition.

[Everyone laughs]

Mao: [gesturing] 'In a Mao-like way, do your best.'

Mao: It was a rather serious letter.

Narration: At the end, this was written - "From Mao's #1 fan, Mai"

Honda: How did it feel to receive that kind of letter?

Mao: I received it the day before the competition and I really thought, "I have to try hard."

Narration: ...But when Mai received the phone call from Mao telling her that she won...

Mao: [She said] "Congratulations. I'm getting my hair/make-up done, so bye bye! Click! [sound of phone being hung up]"

Mai: I said something like I'm getting my hair done, and I hung up right away. Sorry.

Honda: She became the world champion and you just hung up?!

Mai: Yeah, I just hung up...

Honda: You're sisters, so it's that kind of thing, isn't it?

Mai: Did you want me to say something more?

Mao: Not really.

Then the announcers talk about how well Mao and Mai get along, and Honda-announcer says it's funny because you have the gentle/calm older sister and the serious/responsible younger sister.

Part 2

Narration: When Mao came home, she said she wanted to eat yummy Japanese food, but...

Honda: Have you eaten yummy Japanese food?

Mao: No, I haven't eaten any yet. I haven't gone to my favorite place yet.

Honda: Ikitsuke? [old-fashioned way to say 'favorite']

Mai: That sounds so old-lady like.

Mao: It's good to have a favorite place. It's comfortable.

Honda: At the Japanese restaurant where you like to go, what kind of things on the menu do you like?

Mao: The set course.

[I'm not sure why, but this was funny/weird to say, so Honda said something about the viewers reacting.]

Mao: Ok, then please cut out that part.

Honda: That sounds good, the place you like to go. But we will keep the name a secret?

Mao: Yes.

Mao: It's near our house.

Honda: It's near your house!

Honda: Recently, SMAP, Jun Matsumoto [a member of ARASHI], all these good-looking celebrities - you've been appearing with them, haven't you? Were they cool?

Mao: Yes, they were cool. They were nice.

Honda: Mai, you didn't go with her?!

Mai: I really, really regret it. I should've gone; I should've taken advantage of it.

Mai: Is it okay if I say this, I wonder?

Honda: Say it. If it's no good, we'll cut it.

Mao: Yes, that's right.

Mai: Hm, what should I do. Awhile ago...

Honda: What is it?!

Mai: I wrote a fan letter!

Mai: I learned how to write a fan letter from Mao...

Mao: You learned it from me?

Mai: You always receive a lot of fan mail, so I asked you.

Mao: Ah, yeah.

Honda: So you asked Mao how her fan letters were written.

Mai: Yes, I asked her what kind of fan letters make her happy, and then I sent it.

Honda: [to Mao] What kind of advice did you give her?

Mao: To express her feelings honestly.

[Sign on screen: Younger sister, 17. Older sister, 19.]

Honda: [whispering] You have an interesting older sister.

Mao: She's kind of strange.

At the end, they again comment about how Mao is more put-together/responsible than Mai, even though she's the younger sister.

Mai and Mao are too cute and hilarious!! ROTFLMAO Mao makes fun of Mai all the time and Mai just kind of smiles and nods. Awww... Many Hearts
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PostSubject: Re: Mao and Mai!   

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Mao and Mai!
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