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 Mai interviews Denis Ten!

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PostSubject: Mai interviews Denis Ten!   Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:55 pm


Mai Asada's Sports Friends!
"I like physics and math"

During the intervals of the show, I talked to male figure skater Denis Ten, who came to Japan for the first time to appear in this summer's ice show, 'THE ICE.' At the World Championships in March, with his spectacular free program that led to a standing ovation, he finished in the top eight and emerged as a new star from Kazakhstan. It seems that his mother's ancestors come from a distinguished Korean family.* He's a charming 16-year old who possesses both innocence and a natural athleticism. I looked forward most to meeting him at the show.

---Last season you grew [as a skater], didn't you?

I was able to have my absolute best season up to now. I was very happy.

---Please tell me your strengths and weaknesses in skating.

Now I am only studying. Some day I'd like to be a gold medalist like Yagudin (Russia) and Plushenko (same). Spins, jumps, I like them all. I can't say what my weaknesses are.

---At the rink with Russia, you're together with Mao, aren't you?

I think she succeeds because she really practices hard. When we're together, I really learn a lot. I want to be like her.

---Your choreographer is Tarasova, same as Mao.

I really like her. She's a strong person, and she really loves skating. She also raised Yagudin. I trust her.

---How is your life in Russia?

It's only skating all the time, so I might not be that happy. So I call my family and friends in Kazakhstan a lot.

---Mao also calls a lot. She can't take her dog with her, so I think she's lonely. What else do you like to do?

Swimming and tae kwon do. I also want to go to music school. But I don't have time. I also like to study. I always think that I want to get good grades. I like all subjects, but I especially like physics and math.

---What's your goal for this season?

I want to put my strength into everything. The goal is the Vancouver Olympics.

---Some words for your Japanese fans?

I'll be happy if you like my skating and are a fan forever.

Denis Ten
Born in 1993 in Kazakhstan. 1.62 meters tall. Began skating at 5 thanks to his mother who loved skating. At his first World Championships last season, he finished 8th and was surprised. His practice base is in Moscow, Russia at the same rink where Mao practices.

His true self is very mischievous

Backstage, when he was going over the choreography, he had a very serious expression, but when he put on the specially-prepared ballet skirt and white gloves, he put on the face of a prankster and went out into the rink. The program was 'Swan Lake.' I was surprised by that gap. He's really an entertainer. He has great technique, and he's good at both comical and cool performances. The flow when he lands his jumps is really pretty. When the skaters were talking about competing, he was absorbed in listening.

When the camera is pointed at him, he makes an interesting pose, and his true self is very mischievous. "Next time, we'll go for karaoke," he promised. From the bus, when he saw fans waving the Kazakhstan flag, it warmed his heart. I look forward to seeing Ten skating at the Olympics, bearing his country on his back.

[Mai's bio omitted.]

(September 20, 2009 Yomiuri Shinbun)

* According to Wikipedia, his great-great-grandfather was a Korean general during the time of the Korean Empire.

Good luck to Denis Ten!
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Mai interviews Denis Ten!
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